Xpert Data is carrying different well-known brands, with a variety of products. With these products, we can offer our partners complete solutions.  Below are a few of the many solutions we can offer.

Internet back-up

The importance of Internet is increasing in the business world. As soon as an internet connection breaks down, almost every professional activity is interrupted. That is why many companies want a second internet connection for back-up. With the DrayTek Dual WAN products it is possible to use load balancing and fail over with the two internet connections. DrayTek also has products that support 3G/4G USB modems; a perfect solution for situations where internet is temporarily unavailable.

Connecting branch offices and/or teleworkers

DrayTek products are often used for VPN solutions because of the stable and secure VPN capabilities: for example to connect headquarters with branch offices or companies that use teleworkers. Because this is business information the communication should be secure. DrayTek supports various encryption protocols for the security of the VPN tunnel.

Wireless guest network

Many DrayTek products support functionalities that make it easy to set up a secure wireless network, for example for employees or guests. With the functionality Multiple SSID it is possible to create more wireless networks with one single access point. Different rights can be given to these networks, depending on the user. This application is used in offices equipped with a wireless network for both employees and guests. The employees can use the company network and the internet with a security key. The guests can only use the internet.

Another example is wireless network in hospitality market. The visitors, who sit on the terrace or inside can access the internet, but cannot communicate to the LAN. With rate control a limited bandwidth can be set. In this application, the company network is secured and the visitors cannot overload the network.

Wireless AP management

A number of DrayTek routers have AP Management which allows you to control the wireless access points and clients to ensure the best performance, coverage and security. You can see at a glance what is going on.

Camera surveillance

The IP surveillance camera market is a fast growing market. Therefore we have high-quality and affordable IP cameras of ACTi in our range. The product line of ACTi consists advanced IP cameras that are suitable for various applications, video management software and video analyses.

Cabling of office enviroments

The first step of a good LAN network is to purchase high-quality cabling. Therefore we have the brand DINTEK in our product range. The DINTEK product range consists of professional installation cables, patch cords, patch panels, industrial cables on roll, key stone jacks, connectors and UTP tools.

Advice and more information

If you need more information or advice with the solution you are looking for, after reading these cases please feel free to contact one of our employees of the Sales Department.